Adirondack Rustic Rose was created to fill an underserved market of consumers. I believe that many Americans are tired of purchasing consumer products from all over the rest of the world that are made poorly, I believe in Nationalism and Patriotism and want to provide handmade quality items that will last a lifetime. Most things we buy today are disposed of or broken in 3-5 years if you are lucky. 
My passion is building AMERICAN MADE Cremation Boxes/URNS but I also make many other great items.
I stumbled into the whole Cremation Box construction by necessity. My Father was a Veteran and a thru and thru Patriot. When he passed in 2011 I was tasked with arranging the funeral services. I was very disappointed to see ZERO American Made Cremation Boxes available at my funeral home, I couldn't have my Father's final resting place be in some box made in China or India - No disrespect to either country but my Dad was a Veteran and a PROUD AMERICAN - It had to be American Made! I finally decided to make the Cremation Urn Myself - I have 15 years of wood working experience. It came out perfect and my Dad would have been proud!  Since then I have made many more for family and friends. I also made a Rustic Clock/Urn for his ashes in our home. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved the Adirondacks and coming to our home every Sunday for a big family meal. I took these pieces and created this Rustic Clock that sits on a table in our dining room so Dad is there for every family meal.
I was lucky enough to purchase a 100 year old dock from Lake George and am currently taking orders for Custom Mantles - Lamps - Book Cases and whatever else we can think of. It's not often that you come across such amazing old post and beam timbers. These are 8x8 hand cut and range in size from 4 ft to 14 feet roughly.
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to really make your home or camp stand out!
More pictures available - I can make you a beautiful Mantle or I can sell you a timber for you to build your own. I am also available to install as well if you purchase the mantle from me.